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11 Oct 2009

Where's Drew?

Picture for: Where's Drew?

I have no real excuses why I have not been posting lately. With the birth of Addison Grace, I have been pretty busy, but I should be blogging more about that. And with that said, I will start today.

I have added a few new items to the menu bar, a Daily Addison photo experiment, and also have been working on the Audio section alot. I am really excited to get all my music into my database. Steve Gray has been writing me a perl script that will crawl my music directory and dump it all to my dB. Keep fucking that chicken Steve! ;)

A few users have brought to my attention that my Contact form sometimes throw's errors, and its a bit of a pain in the ass to fill out (i.e. the preview before submit action). I will work on getting that to be easier as well as the commenting system for blog and picture posts.

With all that said, keep checking back often, as I'm sure I will be posting lots more about my baby girl :)

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