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1 Dec 2010

The Smell of War

Picture for: The Smell of War

On Thanksgiving Day, we had 18 people over to the house. There was lots of food and we all had a really great time. Rick deepfried a turkey, Jaymie cooked another in the oven, and everyone else brought over all sorts of different dishes. Lots of GOOD food was had that night.

Towards the end of the evening, we started to clean up. I think it was Jaymie who was washing the dishes, when, lo and behold, the kitchen sink clogs up. Turns out that someone peeled the potato's and jammed all the skins down the garbage disposal. Well, not a good idea. It must of turned into a giant starch ball somewhere in the bowels of the plumbing.

Dad quickly jumped into action. He was under the sink faster than I can say "pass the gravy". After repeated plunging, disconnecting 3 pipes, Drano, swearing and a few cut up fingers, we threw in the towel. The water stood it's ground. I had planned on calling the local plumber in the morning.

Being the stubbord person that I am, I attacked the sink once again when everyone had gone home. After 15 more minutes I had finally broken the starch dam and the foul smelling water finally drained. Awesome, problem solved.

Well, not so much. Last night after making dinner which consisted of breaded chicken and garlic and clove roasted potato's (damn you starch!), the clog demon surfaced once again. Once again, I grabbed my WMD's which included a toilet plunger and a bottle of Drano and waged war on the sink. It won.

Roto Rooter came to the rescue and (hopefully) put an end to this mess. If you have never had a clogged kitchen pipe before, be thankful. The smell is indescribable.

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