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3 Jun 2008

100 Mile Diet

Picture for: 100 Mile Diet

I was at lunch with a colleague about 2 months ago and we were talking about his new "100 mile diet". I had never heard of it before, but am going to now try it.

Basically, all the food you get should be grown within 100 miles of your house. This really supports local farmers, reduces the amount of fuel needed to transport the goods, and is just an all-around good practice. I read an article online where you can pay $500-$700 a year to a local farmer's co-op, and in return you get a weekly crate of fresh, in-season produce for approximately 37 weeks. Pretty darn cool in my opinion.

I found a few websites where you can lookup local co-op's:

Im sure there are more websites out there, but these are just a few that I used to start this new venture.