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3 Jun 2008

50 Things

Picture for: 50 Things

I've seen folks do these "100 Things about Me" exercises, and I always find them interesting. Problem is, I'm an under-achiever. So I thought I'd just rack my brains for 50.

  1. My full name is Andrew James Barnard
  2. When I stand up, I'm 5'7"
  3. I'm the youngest of two children: 1 brother
  4. I enjoyed childhood
  5. I once whined to my mom that, "I'm bored." She schooled me right there on the spot that there's so much to do, and most of it is wonderful. That is advice that I still honor to this day
  6. My dad was fascinated with family, gadgets and goofball humor. I got most of that from him
  7. My first computer was a Commodore 64
  8. In high school I always wore a baseball cap, but I was never good at sports
  9. My greatest feat in high school was class president, and the most bong-tokes in under 5 minutes
  10. College was too fast, but going back seems unseemly
  11. I went to one baseball game, we lost
  12. I used to think Fat Tire was my favorite beer, but it's too complex
  13. I like subtlety
  14. Your mobile phone can beat up my mobile phone. Mine just makes calls
  15. I am constantly losing my phone
  16. I vote
  17. The abuse of typography and bad webdesign gets under my skin
  18. I can't remember calendar dates of significance
  19. I'd rather be in the driver's seat
  20. I wear no jewelry, aside from that earring I briefly had in high school and realized it made me look gay
  21. If I gave you a tour of my digs, it would take about in 2 minutes
  22. I couldn't grow a full beard until I was 29
  23. 25 things is starting to sound a lot better than 50 things at this point
  24. I'm 31 years old
  25. I am an avid recycler, and have been for 20+ years
  26. I like to keep things simple. This is different than subtle
  27. I only know my checking balance because I just bought the new Builders and the Butchers CD online
  28. I like to tidy other people's houses
  29. I don't sort my laundry by color
  30. If I cover up signs on horoscopes, I can relate to all of them
  31. Folks I talk with all seem to want one thing: peace
  32. I want that as well
  33. I hope to rule the bingo table at the old folks home
  34. I have no life plan
  35. I want to travel more
  36. Not a fan of mowing the grass
  37. I'm a huge fan of music, especially Blues
  38. I'm an awkward hugger, however, after much practice, I do it gladly
  39. I like animals
  40. I have one 3 year old black lab named Tabor
  41. I enjoy photography, and want to learn more
  42. I love to people watch, they amaze me
  43. I like nature
  44. Camping is my way of unwinding
  45. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon and don't see myself moving, ever
  46. I ride my bike to work on average of 3 times a week, and want to do it more
  47. In the back of my mind, I think I need more sun
  48. I am a night person
  49. Given the choice of a urinal or a tree, I'd rather pee under the stars
  50. I enjoy adulthood, for the greater part
Wow, you're still here! Thanks for making it to the end of these 50 things. Explore other parts of my site to fill in the blanks.

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