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27 Jul 2007

Browser Compatibility Issues

For all who visit this site, it is still under construction and I add as many new features as time allows. With that said, I must make a confession. I built this site using only FireFox as my test browser. It has been pointed out many times that this site looses alot of functionality when viewed with Internet Explorer. For all you IE users out there, I appologize. But seriously, go get a real frickin' web browser!

With all joking aside, I have not updated the site with fresh content in quite awhile. I am debating on whether or not I want to completely re-design the site to make it compatible with all browsers, or spend the time to fix all the IE bugs. I really like the current design, so I am leaning towards fixing it up. Feel free to contact me and tell me what you think. Fix it or start from scratch?

Now that you have downloaded, installed and are using FireFox, go enjoy some of my pictures!