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25 Jul 2008

5 Songs for Friday: The Sixth

Picture for: 5 Songs for Friday: The Sixth

Ah, there's nothing like great new bands to sink your teeth into. And whereas I tend to discover most of my new favorites out of season, these match up perfectly with the great weather we're having right now. So throw on some shorts or a sundress and get ready to jump up and down.

Each and every Friday I post 5 songs that caught my ear throughout the week.

There is a link to buy material from the artists whenever possible. Musicians need to eat, so I encourage you to buy whatever you like.

Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games {purchase}:

The Dutchess & The Duke - Reservoir Park {purchase}:

Saul Williams - Sunday Bloody Sunday {purchase}:

The Field - A Paw in My Face {purchase}:

Radiohead - 15 Step {purchase}:

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