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3 Sep 2008

New Alberta Eatery Goes Big for Bike Parking

Picture for: New Alberta Eatery Goes Big for Bike Parking

The place is called the Radio Room (NE 11th & Alberta) and according to a posting on Portland Food and Drink it is owned by four partners, one formerly of the well-known Doug Fir Lounge on East Burnside.

What they've done is set aside a large portion of the front of their lot to create a roomy bike parking area. They've installed eight staple racks on top of paving stones and the result is a very welcoming space for folks who arrive by bike.

I didn't have time to speak with anyone at Radio Room, but my hunch is that the idea and execution of this came directly from the owners. I'm still trying to find out if/how PDOT was involved. Either way, it's great to see a business give so much prominent space for biking customers.

Radio Room 1
Radio Room 2

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