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9 Oct 2008

BTA Releases Results of Bike Commute Challenge

Picture for: BTA Releases Results of Bike Commute Challenge

Last night in southeast Portland, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) toasted another successful Bike Commute Challenge.

The event, which has been held every September since 1995, is a friendly competition between workplaces to see who bikes to work more. All participants log their commutes online to compete for bragging rights and awards.

This year, the Bike Commute Challenge had its highest rates of participation ever. Records were broken for number of workplaces (1,073), number of participants (10,689 people), and number of miles ridden (1,235,219.03). How fucking awesome is that!

According to the BTA, these numbers are double what they were in 2005. Another fantastic note about this event is that of the 10,689 individuals that participated, 2,869 of them signed up as new bike commuters.

The victors in all the different categories were honored last night. Below is a complete listing of the winners in each category (many companies had over 90% of their employees commuting the entire month!):

Business or nonprofit organizations with 1 employee reporting 100% commute rate

  • Andrew Holtz - Holtz Report
  • Dr. Jeffrey D Sher
  • Peggy Pfenninger - Camera Graphics
  • Cheryl Hummon - NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance
  • Charles Carroll - New Outlook Financial, LLC
  • Michelle Blackwood - Acupuncture Works LLC

Businesses and nonprofit organizations with 2-4 employees

  • Eclipse Foundation, with a 100% commute rate

Businesses and nonprofits with 5-24 employees

  • Stumptown Printers, with a 96.6% commute rate

Businesses and non-profits with 25-99 employees

  • First place - Community Cycling Center with a commute rate of 78%
  • Second place - Chris King Precision Components with a commute rate of 62.3%
  • Third place - Wallis Engineering with a commute rate of 62%

Businesses and non-profits with more than 100-499 employees

  • First Alternative Co-op of Corvallis with a 38% commute rate

Businesses and non-profits with more than 500 employees *my teams category

  • NCNM with a 12.6% commute rate

Public agencies with less than 25 employees

  • Portland Parks and Recreation- Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation program with a 61% commute rate

Public agencies with 25-99 employees

  • Office of Sustainable Development with a 45.7% commute rate

Public agencies with 100-499 employees

  • City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services with a 26.5% commute rate

Public agencies with greater than 500 employees

  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality with a 9.2% commute rate

Special Mention: The Brian Reynolds distance award given to commute with highest mileage

  • Rick Martin with 1400 miles in 20 days of commuting

Bike Shops less than 8 employees

  • South Salem Cycleworks with a 94.6% commute rate

Bike shop with 9-15 employees

  • Bike Gallery Downtown with a 98.4% commute rate

Bike shop with 16 or more employees

  • Bike Gallery Hollywood with a 92.4% commute rate

Most new bike commuters prize (they’ll get a special Breakfast on the Bridge at time and place
of their choosing)

  • NCMN

My team, which was comprised of 10 participants, logged just over 2,800 miles. Awesome work guys & gals, let's keep it up!

I wanted to thank everyone at the BTA for hosting such a succesful event, and take my hat off to everyone who participated in this years challenge. I know that I personally had a blast and will continue commuting by bike as many days as I can, rain or shine!

p.s. A special thanks to my amazing girlfriend for showing up and supporting me and all the riders, and then topping off the night with a great meal. Thanks baby :)


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