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10 Oct 2008

Missing Socks

Picture for: Missing Socks

Note: This popped into my head this afternoon while I was at lunch. I have no idea why. Maybe its all the biking i've done in the cold mornings lately. And just incase your wondering, my socks are just fine.

Missing SocksI used to have socks
but alas they're no more
though I peered in the cupboards
and I searched on the floor

I looked in the freezer
and under the stairs
in the end I presumed
they'd been taken by Bears

I phoned the Portland Zoo
and demanded they see
that my socks weren't being worn
by a chimp or a bee

They checked all their charges
and said there's no truth
in the thought of my socks
being on claw or on hoof

I called the Police in
to ransack my house
but their search unearthed nothing
not even a mouse

I gave them permission
to question my clothes
but the answers they got
were that "nobody knows"

And as I type this
I've learned nothing new
my socks are still missing
and my toes have turned blue

My ankles are chilled
and my knees miss the heat
so tonight spare a thought
for my poor little feet

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