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25 Feb 2008

If It Were Only That Easy

Picture for: If It Were Only That Easy

Since I have been re-developing my website over the past week or so, I was painfully reminded how much I hate my home network. I currently have 5 computers running at home (hence the hefty electricity bill). I am running:

  • My main PC (a.k.a The WoW Tower)
  • A terabyte MP3 server
  • DNS server to let them all talk to each other
  • ISA firewall server to block all the nasties from infecting the above said servers & PC's
  • The Laptop-o-Doom

Well, you might ask, what's the problem with that? My "Main PC" is what I have been doing all my development and testing on since it has the largest screen and CPU. The issue at hand is that I connect to my webhost via FlashFXP to transfer files. I can connect and download without problems, however, I cannot upload anything to the remote webhost. I have checked, unchecked, and re-checked every possible option in both FlashFXP and ISA Server 2006. I have also tried several different FTP applications, but they all have the same issue. The frustrating thing with this mess is that I am able to connect and transfer files in both directions via my laptop. So, basically, if I am not behind my firewall, everything works just dandy.

So again you might ask, why not just work on your laptop? Well, after I give you that look of "no shit sherlock", I begin to shake and describe how much I hate working on laptops, especially a laptop with a 14" screen.

On a not so synical note, the website is moving right along. I am not setting a deadline for completion this time, as I just want to take my time and develop the best looking and most intuitive site that I can create. Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback/comments/bugs/etc... I hope you enjoy it!