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5 Nov 2008

For a Brighter Tomorrow, Today

Picture for: For a Brighter Tomorrow, Today

Administrations come and go. Half feel inspired and half feel let down every four years. Dramatic statements about moving to another country fly freely and self-righteous gloating swells living rooms and office buildings alike.

But whomever you voted for, whatever the outcome, the real proof of this election's success is in how motivated people in this country finally were about presidential politics, about government. For the first time in my adult life I feel like the democratic process worked. For one day we were all united as a collection of free people to support the cause of lending our voices to be counted. For once, on the morning after an election, I feel pride instead of shame when looking at voter turnout reports.

As with any relationship, finding out that the other person still cares enough to try…that's just the shot in the arm you need to continue to believe in the relationship as a union, to keep on working for it yourself.

And really, the real prize has nothing to do with the White House. The future is now. Holograms have arrived.

Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come {purchase}:


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