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19 Nov 2008

Florence and the Machine

Picture for: Florence and the Machine

I guess i'm pretty late to the party with Florence and the Machine, as she's one of the many UK pop starlets to have made their inevitable crossover here to the States. Seriously, there seems to be someone new every other month, and after a while you just stop paying attention.

Florence and the MachineMy first introduction came a week ago with the new video for "Dog Days Are Over," and damn does that voice demand attention. Her voice is just absolutely amazing, and you really have to hear it for yourself, as I would do it injustice (maybe a big, voluptuous version of Feist?) to try and describe it. I'm sure comparisons will be quick to the Kate Nashes and Amy Winehouses of the world, but I think it would be an understatement to say that she's got the chops to trump all of those kinds of expectations and make a huge splash over here.

The new single will be out December 2nd on IAMSOUND, which also released her debut single "Kiss With a Fist" back in June.

Florence and the Machine - Girl with 1 Eye Florence and the Machine - Girl with 1 Eye {purchase}:


Florence and the Machine - Hospital Beds Florence and the Machine - Hospital Beds (Cold War Kids cover) {purchase}:


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