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30 Dec 2008

Down with Happy Holidays, up with Happy New Year!

Picture for: Down with Happy Holidays, up with Happy New Year!

In the business world it is always tough around the holiday season when wishing someone a happy season. Which holiday should you choose? Should you go with the boring happy holidays? What about people who aren't celebrating anything, or just hate the entire season like Ebenezer Scrooge?

There is one day that is indifferent to cultural or religious beliefs that everyone celebrates and that day is the New Years.

Unless you know the person to be using a calendar other than the Gregorian calendar, stop sending them "Happy Holidays" cards and start sending them Happy New Year cards.

Not only will you not run the risk of offending someone but you will also stand out from the crowd of Happy Holiday cards that everyone gets these days.

Ebenezer Scrooge

Down with the "Holidays" and up with the New Year!

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