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1 Jan 2009

Year in Review 2008

Picture for: Year in Review 2008

It's that time of year when people see the big number roll over and decide to reminisce over good times and bad, and talk of where they plan to go until the big number rolls again.

Here is a short list (might post more later) of the good & bad things that happened to me throughout 2008:


  1. Met my amazing girlfriend
  2. Became a very proud uncle, for the second time!
  3. Lots & lots of camping
  4. New favorite show: How I Met Your Mother
  5. New favorite food: Soup
  6. Rode my bike(s), alot
  7. Still amazed at the Pacific Northwest's beauty
  8. Saw a great friend turn 40
  9. Discovered alot of new music
  10. Met several new friends
  11. Didn't die
  12. Roadkill count: 0
  13. Happily employed
  14. My house wasn't forclosed, because I don't own one

Not So Good

  1. "Look, tranny, just give me my cash! I don't give a shit about you and your five o'clock shadow!"
  2. Need a new camera :(
  3. Not enough sleep
  4. Fell out of my excercise routine
  5. Lost touch with my parents for awhile, which I regret and have fixed
  6. This website is still not fully finished
  7. Have not yet figured out the second part of my world domination plan:
       Phase 1 Collect underpants
       Phase 2 ???
       Phase 3 Profit!
  8. Still unable to touch my nose with my tongue

I might come up with a list of things I want to accomplish for this year, but I better get some work done so #13 doesn't fall into the bad list. I hope all of you enjoyed the past year as much as I did. All the best for 2009!


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