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20 Jan 2009

Being Nocturnal

Picture for: Being Nocturnal

I've always liked staying up late to do work. I am just more focused at night. But lately, I've been staying up all night and sleeping almost all day and I have to say it's taking a toll. The days seem to fly by faster and it is harder to keep track of time. I'm about done with it.

However, being nocturnal is no where near as bad as the 24/12 experiment I did, though. The plan was to stay up 24-hours and sleep 12 to create a 36 hour day. After a few 36 hour days my brain was mush and I was ready to give up since there was no point to the experiment in the first place. Maybe it would have worked better if the environment supported a 36 hour day with corresponding light/dark periods. After all it works for plants, right?

As you may have already noticed there isn't really a point to this post. I was just tired of looking at my previous one. No matter. No one reads or comments on my thought's anyway...

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